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Solutions Today For Tomorrow's Needs

Technology Is Always Moving Forward.


Technology is always changing, is quite an understatement. We get questions about which services should I buy, what equipment, etc. Truly it is a tough decision to make sure.


We have been doing business for over 16 years now and we maintain the same constant approach. We help you get the best possible solution for you and your business. Whether you have a home-based business or office setting we can help you get the right solution in place.


We specialize in setting up remote access, remote monitoring so we can assist you long before any problems should arise. Give us a call today and see how our experience can help you.

What We Do.


Simply put, we are here to help with all of your IT needs. From websites all the way down to keyboards, we have you covered with our experience.


Since 1991, we have been advising clients on the best solution for their home and/or business. No matter if you need a website for selling cupcakes or building homes, we work with you to get the right solution for you.


Website Design, Hosting, Email Marketing, SEO


Our websites are custom designs, and we never re-use a design template. We specialize in "one stop shop" for helping you get your domain name, web hosting, email and search engine optimization (SEO). We provide website statistics for FREE for all websites we host.


Our goal is not to deliver just a website and leave you to be on your way. We analyze website statistics, SEO, for all our clients and provide you with feedback as well as suggestions on how your website can be improved. The best part, this is ALL included in your annual package plans. Each plan is customized for each client starting for as little as $10.95 month!


Is your website doing what you need it to? If not, you need to give us a call.


PC Sales and Repair - Home or Business


Simply put, we know how hard shopping for a computer can be. With our expertise we can determine your needs and better yet work within your budget. You tell us what you want to spend and we will find you a solution, guaranteed! We have access to all of the major brands, Dell, HP, IBM, Apple, etc. and we will find a solution that is right for you.


We offer fast service and repair, and better yet we pickup and deliver for FREE! (Granted this in only available in Pennsylvania and in the Carlisle, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Mount Holly Springs, Newville and all places in between)


We also recycle your old computers, working or not.

We can even use your old computer(s) towards your purchase of a new laptop/computer.

ALWAYS FREE file transfer from the old computer to your new computer.


Sounds to good to be true? Our approach is simple, we treat customers how we would want to be treated, fairly and honestly. What are you waiting for, give us a call today!

We Fix Almost Anything.


Back by popular demand. We now offer FREE pickup and delivery and servicing for both Mac and Windows.


From iTouch to iPad, Dell to HP and everything in between we offer FREE assessment and estimates for repairing all of your devices. We remove software viruses, rebuild/upgrade components as well as physical damage, lcd repairs, powerjack repairs, keyboards. Simply put you break it, we'll fix it!


This includes the following:

PCs (Windows and Mac)

Laptops (Windows and Mac)


iPhone, iPad, iTouch


External Hard drives


And whatever else you have that needs fixed!



Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you ever have any issues or just a simple question use our ticketing system and we will promptly return your message.


Customers click here to create a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.